Cleaning bearing for skates

Non-serviceable bearings

Many bearings have metallic shields, which are not made to be removed. Therefore the bearing cannot be serviced. An example is the SKF standard industrial 608-2Z. But you still can maintain them! Dirt on the outside face of the bearing needs to be cleaned off. When it's cold outside moisture is condensing on the bearings. The outside needs to be dried.

Just dismantle the wheels from the chassis. Use a dry piece of textile or a smooth dry toothbrush to remove the dust or moisture and foreign particles that stick, in particular where the grease oil leaks out from the outer shield of the bearing. Do this from the inner diameter to the outer diameter of the bearing (see photo). Afterwards just put some grease on the metallic parts and spread a thin film for protection from rust. You cannot do more than that but it is enough to avoid rust here!

Serviceable greased bearings

SKF SPEEDtrainer and SKF GOLDracer bearings are semi-serviceable. This means that only one of the two protections can be removed easily to clean and re-lubricate the bearing. Do not remove the seal on the other side! For SKF SPEEDtrainer bearings, SKF has developed easy removable black non-contacting seals. For SKF GOLDracer bearing sets, SKF also has developed an easy removable helicoidal shield, which is patented under the name "Quickshield". For both solutions seals are easily removed with a pin.

Warning! Before removing the shield or seal and to avoid foreign particles entering the bearing, please clean the outside of the bearing as stated above.

Cleaning the inner parts of the bearings: SKF generally does not recommend the cleaning of the inner parts of the bearings. Nevertheless, if you want to, please take care of the cleanliness of the cleaning product and of the cleanliness of the place and equipment used to do that. The cleaning product that is used in SKF factories is filtered to avoid particles bigger than 0,4 microns! So you take risks cleaning bearings if the product you use is not clean enough to do so.

Oiled serviceable bearings

SKF SPEEDracer mini bearings and SKF SPEEDskater bearings made by SKF are designed for racing. Racers like to use oiled-bearings because they roll better than greased ones. Nevertheless they also need regular oil re-lubrication. For this reason our racing bearings have an open and a closed side.

Want to re-lubricate regularly? Just dismount the bearing from the wheel and put 1 or 2 drops of SKF Speed Master oil in the bearing. Mount them after having cleaned the hub of the wheel.

Want to clean inner parts of the bearing?

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