Today we celebrate two years since SKF joined WWF Climate Savers and launched the SKF BeyondZero portfolio

The WWF Climate Savers is a global leadership platform transforming business and industry by finding companies who are prepared to take the lead on climate and energy solutions.

SKF’s climate strategy takes a life cycle perspective – meaning that we assess each stage in our value chain to find improvement potential, and then prioritize and set targets for the areas where we can make improvements. The main areas in SKF’s climate stratety are raw materials and components, SKF own operations, transportation and distribution, and customer solutions.

Life cycle research shows that SKF’s biggest contribution to energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions come from the use phase - when our customers use our products and solutions.

The SKF BeyondZero portfolio was developed to define, measure and verify the environmental benefits from our customer solutions, such as avoided CO2 emissions, reduced water use, etc.

Two years since the launch, the SKF BeyondZero portfolio – including SKF products and solutions which have been verified by third party to deliver significant environmental benefits – includes over 40 specific solutions with total revenues of over 3.3 billion SEK (2013).

Learn more about the portfolio here>>

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