SKF Provides the Right Tool for the Job Saving Time and Money

2013 June 06, 10:42 Africa

SKF South Africa’s bearing fitment tool provides a simple solution for bearing replacement on the new VW Polo, resulting in substantial savings for an e-CAR Workshop in Bloemfontein.


SKF is committed to lasting quality and product reliability that save the customer time and money. “In order to do the job right it is critical that the right tool is used for the job,” saysEddie Martens, Key Accounts Manager - Automotive Aftermarket, SKF South Africa.


When the SKF bearing fitment tool was demonstrated at Diesel-Electric Bloemfontein, Sales Manager, Basil Field, was so impressed that he immediately called Danie Hoffman, manager/owner of the e-CAR workshop, Motor Tune Ups, to observe the tool in action. “When the potential of the tool became evident, Hoffman did not hesitate to purchase the tool,” observes Martens.


Hoffman explains that his need for the tool to assist with bearing changes on the new VW Polo serviced by Motor Tune Ups was apparent: “Replacing bearings on the VW Polo is normally a very time consuming process; first we had to remove the strut, then take the knuckles to the press to have the bearing pressed out and finally the new bearing was inserted into the vehicle.”  


According to Hoffman this process caused a number of problems; “If the locking ring breaks it cannot be replaced which means that the entire bearing would have to be replaced. This not only adds extra time but is also expensive. Once all the parts were back in the vehicle it had to go for wheel alignment, which added about 2.5 hours to the operation time.”


Hoffman reports that since using the SKF bearing fitment tool for approximately six months, they have not experienced any problems with the locking ring. “In addition, the fitment tool eliminates the need for removing the strut which means that the vehicle does not need wheel alignment after the bearings have been replaced. The whole operation can now be completed in less than an hour, saving us substantial time and money. Another vital value add is that it frees up the workshop for more vehicles to be serviced enabling us to further improve our service levels to our customers,” concludes Hoffman.


This innovative technology reaffirms SKF’s leading position of delivering quality products to the ultimate benefit of customers.


e-CAR is a national network of independent workshops equipped with the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment to service and repair all makes of vehicles. The Diesel-Electric organisation is the preferred supplier to the e-CAR network. It consists of a group of 33 independent wholesalers situated throughout South Africa and surrounding territories.  

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