Optimum Power Transmission solutions for virtually all applications from SKF

2013 September 30, 10:07 Africa

SKF’s quality range of power transmission products complement the company’s over 100 years’ experience in bearing technology, to offer customers seamless, end-to-end solutions. 


The well-know, proven SKF brand name, renowned for its outstanding quality, reliability and long life, gives customers peace of mind. “Our specially developed, comprehensive power transmission range, which covers most common typesof power transmission productsincluding chains, belts, pulleys, sprockets, couplings, bushings and hub taper locking elements,  is certainly no exception,” says SKF South Africa’s Manager for power transmission products,  Frans Pienaar.


SKF can supply chain for virtually any conveyor requirement, including lifting applications, in agriculture, sugar, cement, coal, and minerals process.Conveyor chain is ideal for conveying or elevating a load at relatively low speeds. But when the speed limit of chain drives is exceeded or it becomes too expensive to run chains, Pienaar recommends belt drives as the best solution explaining that they need higher speed to generate the friction required to drive a system.


SKF’s belt drive range, which consists of friction (vee, poly wee and wedge) as well as toothed belt drives, are enjoying particular success in the packaging and automation sectors, where high accuracy with low torque is required.


According to Pienaar, with features such as space saving, higher durability and a longer life span, wedge belts have now become the standard in both the USA and Europe, replacing the old classical vee belts.


“We also offer an XP range of wedge belts that have 30-40% higher power rating compared to standards wedge belts. These are ideal for space constrained applications, where the same torque with less slippage is required via a smaller belt profile,” notes Pienaar.


SKF’s Power Transmission division offers all standard shaft to shaft coupling types including grid, gear, rigid, chain, FRC,jaw couplings and universal joints. “Also known as pin and block couplings, universal joints are commonly used for low to medium torque, industrial, off-road and agricultural applications. We offer a full range of gear coupling, up to size 70, which correlates to a shaft size of around 289 mm,” says Pienaar. Specialised couplings can also be adapted to suite brake discs or drums or modified units that include shear pin torque protection. Like the belt drives SKF, also has the ability to customise the materials and heat treatment processesused to suite special application requirements.   


SKF’s extensive range of lockingelements - self-centering; non self-centring and with very high torque ratings - are mostly used on conveyors to link the head and tail pulley drums to their drive shafts.


QD (quickly detachable) bushes, similar to a taper lock, are used locally where shaft diameters are relatively large in relation to the hub diameters. These are installed via a key in the shaft, but are tapered into the corresponding hub or pulley.


“SKF’s unsurpassed Power Transmission products, available from a single world-class supplier, supported by our dependable supply chain and excellent service from skilled engineers, deliver optimum and reliable customer solutions,” concludes Pienaar.

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