Reliability and uptime for leading Steel Manufacturing Company fulfilled by SKF Remanufactured Hoist Drum Bearings & Components

2014 January 31, 11:53 Africa

SKF South Africa, global rotating technology specialist, provided a cost saving and delivery lead time solution to one of South Africa’s largest steel producing companies that was under immeasurable pressure to reduce maintenance and production related costs.


The steel manufacturer faces global challenges around demand and competitive pricing for rolled steel. In addition, unforeseen breakdowns and delays with regard to the acquisition of new maintainable parts could potentially hamper required performance parameters that ensure the sustainability of the plant. “The company is therefore constantly searching for ways to reduce costs and ensure maximum uptime through reliable equipment,” explains Giscard Lailvaux, SKF Segments / Key Accounts Manager – Southern Africa.


The demands for steel are massive and never ending and the company needed a solution fast for a damaged hoist drum and its bearings. The remanufacturing solution offered by SKF South Africa around the hoist drum bearings, which would have previously been discarded, has led to a significant reduction in costs and vastly improved lead time of the required bearings for the steel manufacturer.


“Our customer sought and found what they needed by firstly sending the bearings and related components to SKF for inspection to determine suitability of their remanufacture,” states Lailvaux. From there the remanufacturing process was started.


According to Lailvaux, the total SKF remanufacturing, which included welding and grinding of the 471.30mm hoist drum and remanufacturing of the applicable bearings, only required a mere fourteen working days to complete.


The benefits that SKF were able to offer the customer included:

  • Increased planned downtime due to avoidance of unplanned breakdowns,
  • Substantially reduced cost with an ROI of over 1500%
  • Enabling of the continuation of the intended and permissible service life of the original assembly, thus reducing overall maintenance cost and increasing equipment reliability.


“The company is without a doubt one of SKF’s Key clients within the metal segments in South Africa. Sustaining and building this customer relationship with solid solutions is a core focus within this market segment, allowing for further documented replication to other metals industry customers.”


In closing, Lailvaux highlights the utmost importance ofcustomer value and relationships to SKF. “We will always strive to source and provide fast, effective, results-driven solutions for our customers, irrespective of the problem.

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