Quick, simple, accurate & efficient fitment with SKF Driveline Tools

2014 July 11, 07:50 Africa

SKF clamp tools enable technicians to simply, effectively and accurately fit boots and tighten boot clamps on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles,guaranteeing reliable, long-term performance of the boot and consequently the CV-Joint.


The safe and easy-to-use SKF clamp tools come in two variants: the VKN 400 designed for universal clamps and the VKN 401 for ear clamps. The two clamp tools ensure a tight and even fit while the SKF expander tool (VKN 402) facilitates the fitting of the universal boots, leading to significant savings on repair time and reducing costs for the end-user.


The SKF expander is a CE-marked pneumatic tool that can be used unplugged from the pneumatic air intake during fitting. “The expander tool allows for the quick and easy fitting of universal boots since there is no need to dismount the CV-Joint and, in most cases, no need to remove the driveshaft from the car,” explains Gary Czapski, Manager ofSKF South Africa’s Automotive Division (VSM).It is lighter than other tools currently available on the market and requires no physical effort to expand the boot, offering mechanics a safe and user-friendly tool that fits boots on both the wheel and the gearbox side,” explains Czapski.


The SKF clamp and expander tools assist mechanics by facilitating correct and quick fitment every time, ensuring optimum performance and longer component life. “The SKF driveline tools underline our commitment to supporting mechanics with solutions that enable them to improve performance and enhance efficiency,” concludes Czapski.

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