SKF Concentra Units increase plant operation up-time

2014 July 16, 12:38 Africa

SKF ConCentra Units were the ideal solution for aMpumalanga-based synthetic fuels manufacturing plant thatencountered tremendous downtime resulting from frequent bearing replacements and equipment repairs.


“The Mean Time Between Replacement (MTBR) with the previous system required bearing replacement and shaft seatings repair on specific fan units within the plant every quarter or approximately every 17 weeks,” explains SKF Segments / Key Accounts Manager – Southern Africa, Giscard Lailvaux.


In addition to the negative impact on maintenance costs, these frequent repairs hampered planning and scheduling of maintenance activities and also hindered the desired attainment of the operating uptime of the fan assemblies. “Clearly needing an answer to remove the continual replacing and repairing factor, the customer approached SKF to provide a solution,” continues Lailvaux.


The solution offering from SKF South Africa, consisting of SKF ConCentra SYNT 50 bearing units, complete with bearing, housing and locking element, on a number of fan applications, extended the MTBR to just under one year of operation i.e. 39 weeks.                  


“We also fitted SKF MAPRO single lubricating units to the SYNT 50 units to ensure that a consistent, adequate and accurate volume of grease is supplied to the bearing assembly during operation.”


“Our solution to replace standard tapered bearings, sleeves and housings on a number of fan applications with SKF SYNT 50 ConCentra units, extended equipment service life to the benefit of our customer,” says Lailvaux. He elaborates, “This was achieved through an increased axial carrying capacity with regards to the set screw and locking nut units, improved lubricant and sealing as well as fewer premature failures due to improper mounting and locking contribute.”


“The replacement of standard tapered bearings, sleeves and housings with SKF SYNT 50 ConCentra units has increased reliability, maximised plant operating uptime and increased productivity for this critical Key Account customer within the local HPI Segment,” states Lailvaux.


In conclusion, Lailvaux says that sustaining and building this customer relationship with solid solutions is a core focus within this Segment. “This will lead to further documented replication of this cost effective solution with other HPI customers.”

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