SKF’s unique bearing solution improves production for agricultural OEM

2015 May 14, 10:55 Africa

SKF South Africa, working closely with Agricultural Distributor, Bolt and Engineering Welkom, provided an agricultural OEM customer with a unique bearing solution for a maize de-bagger machine.


Local agricultural OEM, Jacques Rensburg from Jorus Engineering, designed the de-bagger machine to facilitate the removal of stored maize from storage bags. The machine was fitted with a second tier bearing and was not producing the required results. Time was at the essence and the customer was in urgent need of a solution.


Philip Botha from Bolt and Engineering Welkom, approached the customer with a solution in the form of a SKF hexagonal bore Y-bearing. “The YHC 207-104-2LS8W/VT357 bearing has a complicated name but provides a simple solution,” says SKF Key Accounts Manager – Agriculture, Charl Engelbrecht.


He explains, “The hexagonal bore design presents a better load rating and sealing arrangement which enables the bearing to handle faster speeds and higher loads. The de-bagger machine’s offloading capabilities were thus increased which delivered the benefits of reduced downtime and improved production to our customer.”


“We are very cognisant of the fact that the agricultural industry faces numerous challenges, many of which are time critical due to seasonal and other pressures. Meeting the customer’s requirement with the right solution and on time was for us the most important factors of this project. We believe it is a successful three-way partnership which involves a close working relationship with our agricultural distributor to ensure that we can add value by finding the right solution for our agri customers, especially when they are under extreme time pressure.”


This application serves as the perfect example of SKF’s ability to offer unique solutions to the agricultural sector.                              

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