SKF lends a helping hand to OEM customer

2017 February 07, 08:23 Africa

Few companies have remained unaffected by the protracted economic downturn with many having to introduce cost cutting measures in order to keep up their bottom line.

The important role of customer support and service takes on even greater significance against the backdrop of a volatile economic landscape. So when, in September 2016, a longstanding key SKF customer asked for assistance with OEM assemblies, SKF did not hesitate in finding a suitable solution.


The general engineering, machining and fabrication specialist, who uses SKF bearings, seals, and circlips, recently initiated a number of streamlining processes that included downsizing in order to remain competitive. Now short-staffed, the engineering company still had a number of projects that needed completion and this is where SKF was asked to step in.


SKF dispatched a team of Mechanical Field Technicians to assist the OEM in completing the necessary assemblies. The technicians’ quick and reliable service ensured that all projects which included bearing housing assemblies for floatation machines were completed successfully and on time. In addition to cost savings, the use of SKF’s expertise also enabled the engineering company to ensure first-class service delivery to its customers.


Lending assistance has further strengthened the relationship of trust with the OEM customer and has bolstered SKF’s reputation as a reliable business partner that is always ready to assist customers wherever and whenever needed.                      

For further information, please contact:

Samantha Joubert,Marketing Communications Coordinator,SKF South Africa    

Tel: +27 (0) 11 821 3602    / Fax: +27 (0)86 681 4342                       

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