Attract retain and engage a diverse and effective workforce

The ability to create positive and engaging workplaces through openness, high ethics, teamwork and empowerment.

This work first and foremost benefits SKF's employees, but hopefully it also spills over on the communities around us by the influence we may have on business partners and organizations we engage with locally.  In so, our work contributes to:

Goal 5 - Diversity and equality from our strive to ensure everyone equal opportunities for all. This serves as a foundation to attract and retain a workforce defined by its diversity.

Goal 3 - Health and well-being for the work put in targeting good health at work as well as outside.

Goal 4 - Quality education from our investment in our people to gain more knowledge and skills that benefits SKF and themselves as individuals.

Everyone at SKF is entitled to an individual development plan

in the latest follow up, 60% of employees had an active plan in agreement with their manager. 75% of white collar employees had been having their performance reviews. 

In addition to work related health, 87% of SKF’s employees are covered by some type of documented health and wellbeing policy or programme.

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