Business ethics

The ability to conduct all business in a highly ethical manner, which complies with all applicable laws and conforms to the SKF Code of Conduct.

The SKF Ethics and compliance and programmes cover all areas of the SKF Code of Conduct, the most central elements related to business ethics and external expectations are our anti-corruption work and the work to adhere to competition law.

Goal 16 - Peace, justice and strong institutions for the awareness SKF is spreading on the importance of elimination of corruption.

Goal 8 - Economic growth and decent work for the way SKF uses its business as the main vehicle for development and prosperity always in line with the SKF Code of Conduct.

Goal 17 -  Parterships for the goals from the partnerships and discussions with peers, suppliers and distributors and NGOs to evolve business ethics.

Since 2016, SKF has trained over 16,000 employees in anti-corruption

and since 2014, over 17000 in competition law and other business ethics issues.
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