SKF @ptitude Analyst 2010 Edition maintenance release 2 (MR2) DVD image

This maintenance release shall be installed if:
  • Using SKF @ptitude Analyst 2010 Edition (version 6.0)
  • Using SKF @ptitude Analyst 2010 Edition MR1 (version 6.2)
  • Using SKF Microlog Inspector version 1.1
  • Using SKF Multilog IMx (-S, -T, -P variants)
  • Using Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate Editions
  • Using Microsoft Windows 7 32- or 64-bit

Note: For additional information on SKF software and hardware compatibility with MS Windows 7, visit the Windows 7 and UAC compatibility page.  If using SKF Microlog GX or AX version 3.06 (or higher), then you must install SKF USB Driver version 1.00.8704.  The driver can be installed from the TOOLS\AX folder in the installation DVD.

Download and installation instructions

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