SKF Static Motor Analyzer Baker DX-15, Baker DX-15A

Motor test voltage capabilities of up to 15 kV

Surge tester for AC and DC motors
Baker DX-15A static motor analyzer
Motor analyzer for motor shop testing of coils, armatures and interpoles
Baker DX-15 static motor analyzer
The Baker DX family extended its already wide range of static motor testing capabilities with the addition of the Baker DX-15 and Baker DX-15A models in 2013. These portable analyzers are designed for rigorous use in motor repair and service shops, and perform the same full spectrum of tests as the lighter and smaller Baker DX models, but at test voltages up to 15,000 V. These analyzers can test motors ranging in size from fractional horsepower units on up to 5,000 horsepower motors. Both feature the same configuration options to meet specific testing needs. They include coil-test and impulse test modes to accelerate testing of coils and DC motors. Coil-test mode enables storage (on the analyzer) of up to 400 tests in a single record. They both perform RIC (rotor influence check) tests for detection of cracked or broken rotor bars, and both work with optional Surveyor DX report generation software for archiving and viewing test results on desktop or laptop computers.

The Baker DX-15 model performs a full array of insulation and motor circuit tests on AC and DC motors, and when coupled with a Baker power pack accessory, can employ test voltages of up to 40 kV. Like the 4 kV, 6 kV and 12 kV versions of the Baker DX, this analyzer performs insulation resistance (IR), polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption (DA), step-voltage and surge tests to detect weaknesses or faults in motor winding or ground wall insulation. Motor circuits can be tested with the analyzer's low-voltage resistance, impedance, capacitance, phase angle and dissipation factor/quality factor tests. Low-voltage tests can supply up to 600 mA and frequencies from 50 to 4,000 Hz. When coupled with the optional Baker ZTX test accessory, it can perform a full range of DC tests, including bar-to-bar armature tests.

The Baker DX-15A includes all of the test capabilities of the Baker DX-15, but features integrated, on-board Baker ZTX technology for testing of low-impedance DC motors, coils and armatures. The ZTX impedance-matching transformer is the best, most reliable technology available for analyzing low-impedance coils in DC motors. Bar-to-bar tests conduct a thorough analysis of an armature for shorts, opens, unbalances, weak turn-to-turn insulation, unbalances in coils and damaged or disconnected equalizers. When using the integrated ZTX capability to test armatures, the Baker DX-15A automatically indicates when a problem such as a turn-to-turn fault exists.
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