SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx

With the SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx, you can connect all your machine tool sensors to one flexible device to actively monitor, observe and log the performance history of machine tool spindles, grinding machines and other rotating equipment. The SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx provides information about the accumulated condition levels of the spindle of all connected and configured sensors.

The SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into your control system. The system consists of a microcontroller based electronics assembly with internal memory for data storage with real time clock. The electronics assembly can be connected up to six different sensor types, such as vibration, speed, temperature, humidity, eddy probes and oil streak.

For parameterization and data presentation, a sophisticated Server/Client software package has been developed for standard Ethernet (LAN) interface with DHCP/IP protocol. The software package allows you to effectively manage and run multiple units installed on your PC, your network or even over the Internet. Each connected and configured sensor can be monitored online by multiple active Client sessions via LAN.


  • Intelligent monitoring with recording of various parameters and correlation with vibration
  • Detailed documentation of spindle history or working conditions including maximum incidents
  • Traceability of incidents including duration, date and time stamp
  • Supports preventive maintenance and avoids the ultimate cost of repairing damaged spindles
  • Easy installation, less wiring and easy integration due to the compact size of the device
  • Long term storage of data


SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx
  • Continuous monitoring, recording and observation of spindle history
  • Two relay outputs for alarm or emergency stops on free definable sensor values
  • Two digital outputs for PLC interface (emergency stop or alarm)
  • Server and client software package for parameterization and evaluation of recorded sensor data
  • Up to 25 maximum events with 28 extra cells are stored with accurate date and time stamp by supported real time clock
  • Ethernet (LAN) interface with standard DHCP/IP protocol
  • Support of standard LAN to WLAN converters
  • Two LEDs show hardware and software status
  • Power-on and extra cells generated by status LEDs supported
  • Email based alert on all predetermined sensor limits
  • Full service around machine condition system (training, consultancy, service contracts)
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