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Servo pillar CPSM is the first telescopic pillar with servo-power for industrial applications. They are ideal solution to combine strong guiding functions with linear movements. The robust, manually adjusted and virtually backlash-free aluminum extrusions are able to carry high excentric loads in push and pull directions.

The pillars are equipped with brushless DC or servo Motors which provides enough power to lift and lower heavy weights with high speed. Of course, SKF also supports the usage of preferred motors with a customizable motor interface. Optional brakes and damping elements are key features that allow an effective usage in heavy duty industrial applications.


  1. Customized top plate
  2. Optional damping system
  3. Backlash-free long lasting guiding pads
  4. 2 or 3 section extruded aluminum guiding tubes
  5. High efficiency ball screw
  6. Preloaded bearing arrangement
  7. Low friction worm gear reduction
  8. Optional electromechanical brake
  9. Standard or customized motor interface
  10. Motor (Brushless DC or servo AC)
  11. Customized bottom plate

Features and benefits

  • High dynamic servo or brushless DC motor for high speed up to 100 mm/s
  • High performance ball screw for high load capacity up to 5 kN
  • Extruded aluminum profiles for a very robust design
  • Manually adjusted gliders for very high stiffness and high excentric loads
  • Encoder system of the motor and high quality gearbox enable high positioning accuracy and high repeatability (0,1 mm)
  • High nominal power of the motor allows for high duty cycle of the pillar
  • Customized motor adapter for highest flexibility (max. motor diameter 90 mm)
  • Customized top and bottom plate to fit most of the applications
  • Customized aluminum profile color (anodized) to fit application design needs
  • Optional brake to release the motor when it’s in position and to increase the duty cycle
  • Preloaded bearing arrangement also for ceiling mount applications (only available without damping system)
Technical data:
Push load
up to 5000 N
Pull load
up to 5000 N
Speed (full load)
up to 100 mm/s
100 to 700 mm
V AC or V DC
Operating temperature
+0 to +50 °C
Type of protection
IP 30

Typical applications

  • Factory automation
  • Automotive assembly lines
  • Packaging
  • Pick and place
  • Palletizing
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