Precision ground ball screws PGF

PGF precision ground ball screws

Features and benefits

  • Single nut design, preloaded, end flange
  • Standard steel recirculation inserts
  • Standard lead precision G5. Optional lead precision G3 or G1
  • Lubrication hole for grease nipple
  • Standard wipers
  • Optional support bearings
  • Variant without preload is called SGF
  • Backlash elimination using oversized balls on request
  • Precision ground nut well suited for positioning screws
  • One-piece nut with internal preload for compactness and optimum rigidity

Technical data

Nominal diameter
from 0,625 inch to 4 inches
from 0,1 inch to 0,75 inch
Basic dynamic load capacity
from 1 030 to 34 900 lbf
Basic static load capacity
from 2 100 to 112 000 lbf
Standard preload
8% to 10% of ball screw Ca value

Typical applications

  • Machine tool
  • Machining centres
  • Grinding machines
  • Marble and stone cutting
  • And many other applications
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