Precision rail guides

SKF precision rail guides are highly accurate products for linear motion and are ideally suited for use in a wide variety of machine tools, handling systems and special machinery, as well as in measuring and testing equipment, semi-conductor production machines and medical applications. SKF precision rail guides are available in many different designs, sizes and standard lengths and can incorporate ball, roller or needle roller assemblies or slide coatings . Required accessories for mounting, different end pieces and wipers are available. The use of SKF precision rail guides allows very rigid, smooth running and most accurate constructions of almost any type, according to the building block principle. Have a look to our video about product range and installation. If you don't find the right guiding in our standard range, please contact us. We will find a solution.

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Features and benefit

Anti-creeping system for reliable operation
SKF developed the industry’s first anti-cage-creep solution. It keeps the movement of the cage in the required position at the loaded zone, avoids cage creep from high operational speed and acceleration to uneven load distribution and weak adjacent parts, and prevents unplanned downtime and additional maintenance. In addition, due to defined cage position, SKF precision rail guides with anti-creeping system, or ACS, enable increased accuracy, higher accelerations (tested up to 160 m/s2), and reliable vertical installation.(fig)
High load rating and rigidity for improved productivity
Compared to conventional LWR precision rail guides which are the most common in industry, SKF optimized the internal geometry and developed high capacity LWRE precision rail guides for applications that demand high performance. Part of our modular range, LWRE precision rail guides feature rollers with a 33% larger diameter and utilize the entire roller length compared to those in LWR rail guides. These LWRE design upgrades fivefolded the load ratings and doubled the rigidity vs. LWR rail guides. In operation, the increased load rating and rigidity helps to increase process stability and reliability, ultimately extending equipment service life and reducing total cost of ownership.(fig)
Extreme accuracy and positioning repeatability for best product quality
Compared to other linear guiding products, precision rail guides provide the highest linear guiding accuracy. Precision rail guides from SKF are available in three different precision classes to meet a range of requirements for precision. The increased accuracy and repeatability enables higher productivity and product quality in diverse applications, e.g. semi-conductors, machine tools, measurement and testing equipment, and medical equipment.(fig)
Modular range
With the SKF modular range of precision rail guides, outer rail dimensions remain the same, but rolling elements are interchangeable to best meet application demands. With this design modularity, customers can easily increase load rating or extend rating life without having to redesign the equipment. The SKF modular range of precision rail guides covers 80% of dimensions on the market. Additionally, the customer can chose between ball assemblies, crossed roller assemblies, crossed roller assemblies with ACS/ACSM, needle roller assemblies and slide coatings. (Fig)

SKF Precision rail guides

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