Cuyamaca outdoor School

The Cuyamaca (Quee-a-maka) Outdoor School has proven that when children have an opportunity to learn in a natural environment, they gain confidence, improve their social skills, and do better when they return to the classroom.

Sixth grade students from schools around San Diego County are invited to attend a five-day program that transforms modern school lessons in science, physics, and astronomy into "real world" activities.

In September 2011, sixty SKF Reliability Systems Condition Monitoring Centre in San Diego visited the Cuyamaca Outdoor School to help assist with their re-vegetation project. SKF employees volunteered to help the school to:

  • plant trees,
  • water seedlings,
  • build mesh baskets for future plantings (the mesh baskets protect the roots of newly planted seedlings from animals, such as gophers),
  • pull weeds and tidy the school’s greenhouse
  • rid non-native plants to prepare for future plantings

A simple company-outing, yet it benefited both the community and the environment.
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