SKF Y-bearing units for agriculture applications

Discover what you can achieve with SKF Y-bearings – developed specifically for agricultural applications


Today’s farmers are under increasing pressure to stay productive for less money, and with less of an environmental impact. But mud, dust, water, sap, straw, stones and more take a heavy toll on the bearings in agricultural applications. Contaminant ingress and lubricant loss from failed seals, as well as locking device problems, often lead to premature bearing failures. These early bearing failures reduce a farm’s output and profitability. For OEMs, premature failures increase warranty costs and can damage customer relationships. SKF agricultural Y-bearing units can prevent such problems for OEMs and end users alike.

The Y-bearings and units assortment includes the ideal solution for each application and specific machine design, making it possible to build more value into the machine design, reduce warranty costs, reduce the number of suppliers – and stay ahead of the competition.

Improve performance and farm productivity

Collection of Y-bearings for Agri
  • Dedicated solutions for agricultural applications
  • Long and reliable component service life
  • High performance sealing solutions – tested and well proven
  • Built in reliability helps extend warranty periods
  • Enhances your brand image on the market

Reduce management cost

  • Reduce warranty cases and associated costs
  • Fewer service engineers in the field and call backs to distributors
  • Wide, dedicated assortment reduces engineering and development time and costs
  • Fewer suppliers for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Reduce machine ownership cost

  • Reduce replacement time and repair costs
  • Plug & play unit with fewer components for quick and easy mounting
  • Less unplanned downtime
  • Increase farm productivity and profitability

SKF sealing solutions for agriculture applications

SKF high performance sealing solutions provide proven reliability in tough working environments – helping to reduce ownership costs and enhance farm productivity. Selection guidelines for different sealing solutions under various operating conditions are provided in diagram 1.

5-lip seals

For extremely contaminated environments, such as agricultural applications, SKF recommends Y-bearings equipped with the patented 5-lip seal on both sides (fig. 1).

Testing results

SKF agricultural Y-bearings with the 5-lip seal are subjected to a series of extensive laboratory and field tests (table 1).

The diagram below provides a service life comparison in mud in % between an SKF Y-bearing with 5-lip seals and two competitor bearing solutions (offered as the most suitable for extremely contaminated environments).

This is an operational testing – the service life in mud is expressed in %.

The results: SKF Y-bearing equipped with the five-lip seal shown a better service life in mud compared with competitor solutions (offered as the most suitable for extremely contaminated environments (diagram 2).

Standard seals
The standard seals for Y-bearings are suitable for medium to high contaminated environments (fig. 2, designation suffix VP274 for bearings with a standard inner ring and no designation suffix for other Y-bearings).
Standard seals with additional flingers (2F)
For more contaminated environments, SKF recommends Y-bearings equipped with a standard seal and an additional plain flinger on both sides (fig. 3, designation suffix 2F).
Multiple seals (2RF)
For very contaminated environments, SKF recommends Y-bearings equipped with the highly effective multiple seal on both sides (fig. 4, designation suffix 2RF).
RS1 seals

Y-bearings with a standard inner ring are equipped as standard with an RS1 seal on both sides (fig. 5, designation suffix 2RS1). These seals are suitable for medium contaminated environments and accommodate the highest speed among the seals available for SKF Y-bearings for agricultural applications.

Y-bearings with a standard inner ring with designation suffix VP274 are equipped with standard seals.

For additional information about the different seal designs, refer to

Méthodes de blocage SKF pour applications agricoles

Les roulements Y SKF pour applications agricoles sont disponibles avec cinq différentes méthodes de blocage. Combinées aux solutions d'étanchéité proposées, elles forment un très large éventail de solutions permettant de répondre à toutes les exigences des applications agricoles en termes de charges, de vitesses et de conditions environnementales.

Informations complémentaires

Pour plus d'informations sur les différents roulements Y, y compris les différentes méthodes de blocage, solutions d'étanchéité et matières, reportez vous à la section Roulements Y (→ Modèles et variantes, tableaux de produits).
Pour plus d'informations sur les paliers Y complets en fonction de la forme du logement et du matériau, reportez-vous à la section :
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