2014 SKF Electric Motor Test Equipment User Conference

The annual conference for users of SKF electric motor test and monitoring equipment

When: August 25-28, 2014

Avec SKF Condition Monitoring Center (CMC) Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CO, USA

This annual conference is held each year to foster peer-to-peer networking and communication among users of SKF static (off-line) and dynamic (in-service) motor test, monitoring and analysis equipment. If you are a user of Baker-branded or SKF electric motor test equipment, register to attend this conference and meet colleagues that share similar challenges and successes with motor maintenance across a wide spectrum of industries.

Attendees present and discuss case studies involving the use of both static and dynamic motor analysis equipment, and have the opportunity to share their own experiences with the audience in a highly interactive format. SKF motor test equipement engineers will be on hand to listen to attendees discuss how we can improve product features, functionality and quality, and share product development efforts that address issues raised by users over the course of the year since the last conference. Tutorials will be given on the application of SKF motor testing equipment, and how to detect insulation and motor circuit problems that can otherwise be difficult to identify with other equipment.

In keeping tradition with company user conferences from decades past, attendees are treated to Colorado hospitality with local food, entertainment and a tentative trip to a local business to learn how they manage motor maintenance in the context of their business.

To register for this invaluable week of peer-to-peer interaction, how-to tutorials and motor maintenance education, contact Jenny Ray at 970-282-1200, extension 240, or send an email to jenny.ray@skf.com.

Sujets traités

Tentative conference agenda topics
  • Nouvelles techniques d'essais
  • Présentation de l'utilisateur/applications/études de cas
  • User feedback session
  • Application-specific hands-on equipment lab
  • SKF hardware and software development updates
  • Austin Bonnett keynote on EASA root cause analysis

Durée de la formation

  • four days (includes most meals, lodging and entertainment - call Jenny Ray at 970-282-1200 for reservation and pricing information)
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