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Meet the World – World record attempt at Liseberg

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    2012 Juni 27, 08:00 CEST

    In conjunction with the 38th annual Gothia Cup football tournament held in Gothenburg, there will be a world record attempt at Liseberg Amusement Park in the category of "Most nationalities on a theme park ride". Participants in the attempt include players from the Meet the World tournaments, Gothia Cup and citizens of Gothenburg.

    "By bringing different nationalities together on one ride we want to show our borderless world and our common responsibility for its future, regardless of nationality, religion, sex or color," says Dennis Andersson, General Secretary of Gothia Cup.

    Meet the World is the name of Gothia Cup qualifying tournament that SKF organizes in 24 different countries around the world.

    "Our future is built on knowledge, understanding and respect. It starts with young people - their dreams, ideas and aspirations. This world record attempt is a fun way to gather everyone around a common goal," says Tom Johnstone, SKF President and CEO.

    The record-breaking attempt will be made on Tuesday 17 July at 17.00 in the new ferris wheel at Liseberg and will be monitored by inspectors from the Guinness Book of World Records.

    "To qualify as a record, it requires that we have over 50 different nationalities, but our goal is to double that. We expect to be able to attract most of the nations who are here to play in Gothia Cup, but we also hope that the citizens of Gothenburg who have a foreign passport will participate and experience the feeling of being able to call themselves a world record holder," said Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.

    In Gothenburg there are 164 nationalities represented out of the 194 independent states around the world. During Gothia Cup this year, 1625 teams from 80 different nations will come to Gothenburg to play in the tournament.

    To participate in the record attempt, participants need to register at:

    This record-breaking attempt is arranged by Gothia Cup, SKF and Liseberg.

    Facts on Liseberg's ferris wheel:
    Diameter: 60 meter
    Weight: 275 ton
    Number of gondolas: 42
    Passengers per gondola: 6
    Total capacity: 252

    For more information:
    Pär Karlsson, Press Manager Gothia Cup. Tel: +46 708-12 27 30. E-post:
    Nia Kihlström, Press Manager, SKF, Tel: +46 706 67 28 97, E-post:
    Pelle Johannisson, Information Manager, Liseberg, Tel: +46 31-73 30 140

    Meet the World
    Meet the World is SKF's largest CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project whereby local SKF companies host football tournaments. Meet the World runs in 15-20 countries all over the world for youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to play in Gothia Cup in Sweden. The winning team from each local tournament wins an all-inclusive trip to play in Gothia Cup the same year. In 2012, SKF is sponsoring 25 teams from 24 countries, including one Special Olympics team.

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