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Linear plain bearings LPBR

Linear plain bearing
LPBR linear plain bearings, which have the same dimensions as LBBR linear ball bearings, are made out of PAS-LX (Copolymeres Polyoxymethylen) with a special polyethylene to provide smooth, stick-slip-free operation. These linear plain bearings are self lubricating under normal conditions and require minimal maintenance. They have a high static load carrying capacity and are resistant to shock loads. SKF recommends a light coating of lubricant during installation to improve the performance during the running-in period even if the bearings are to be used “lubricant-free”. LPBR linear plain bearings are intended for applications where there are heavy shock loads and/or vibrations or high accelerations and speeds when the bearing is unloaded. Under these operating conditions linear plain bearings provide longer service life than linear ball bearings. However, increased friction must be expected.

Linear plain bearings LPBR

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