Tutorial for revised standards for rolling bearing tolerances (PT04-GPS)

Date: Dec 2014
Language: English
Geometric product specification

Course summary

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ISO 199 and ISO 492 are the basic standards for rolling bearing tolerances. They were revised to incorporate ISO GPS (Geometrical Product Specifications), enabling rolling bearings tolerances and the ISO GPS systems to be based on the same platform. The benefits are better descriptions of SKF products in terms of functions.
The revised standards give users more information about the interface between SKF products and the rest of their machinery in order to better integrate our products. Today you need to be an expert in bearings, to understand that for instance, the bearing diameter tolerances are given as a mid-range size, but with revised standards this tolerances are clearly described by using the common industrial language of ISO GPS. It functionally takes the interface between the bearing and another mechanical part into account.

In detail the rolling bearing standards
  • ISO 199:2014 Rolling bearings - Thrust bearings - Geometrical product specifications (GPS) and tolerance values
  • ISO 492:2014 Rolling bearings - Radial bearings - Geometrical product specifications (GPS) and tolerance values

are now aligned with general ISO GPS standards like ISO 1101 and ISO 5459.
This e-learning includes information about the content of ISO 199:2014 and ISO 492:2014 and describes the changes to the former version.
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