SKF Lubrication Planner

Language: English , Spanish , Portuguese , French , German
Format: Downloadable application
Product platform: Maintenance products
SKF Lubrication Planner

A proper lubrication plan can help you to avoid unplanned machine downtime. With SKF Lubrication Planner you can develop and follow up your lubrication plan.

Take advantage of SKF's lubrication knowledge to:
  • Establish a mapping of lubrication points
  • Create a color coded identification system
  • Generate flexible lubrication task lists
  • Keep the history of performed lubrication tasks per point
  • Get expert advise on grease selection
  • Calculate relubrication quantities and intervals
  • Get expert advise on best lubrication procedures
SKF Lubrication Planner is available in several languages. Register and download it for free.
Instructions for installation and set up are included in the .zip file.
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