How effective is your current maintenance skills program?

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2018 February 06, 08:21 AEST

This question will allow you to examine the maintenance skills training initiatives within your company.

Is there maintenance rework due to technicians not having the skills necessary to perform the work correctly the first time? Is there ongoing evaluation of employee skills versus new technology or equipment they are asked to maintain or improve? Is work being held back from certain employees because there are questions raised on their ability to complete work in a timely or quality manner?

If these questions uncover some weaknesses in the workforce, then it quickly shows that the maintenance skills training program is not effective. Companies need to have an ongoing training program because technology changes quickly; machinery is getting more precise and more complicated.

A well-constructed training development process should deliver the requisite step change to maximise business results and minimise resources employed. The starting point is to understand why is a training program required? Develop new technicians; formal apprentice training program; ongoing skills enhancement program. Also, what is driving the training initiative? Lack of qualified employees, upgrade current technical skills, new equipment training.

Why SKF for reliability and maintenance training?

Our courses are backed by 100 years of experience and knowledge of rotating machine reliability. Close working partnerships with our industrial end-users and equipment manufacturers; provide us an intimate understanding of the processes and challenges specific to every major industry.

The key is to select a competent training provider who can really understand your development needs and offer what you need!

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