Customer expectations and sustainability

The fundamental ability to anticipate, meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of value, quality and service in the highly competitive global market place.

In general, the requirements and expectations from SKF's customers are driven by:

Goal 8 - Economic Growth and decent work as this powers the demand for SKF products, solutions and services.

Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities as urbanization and community development is one of the most important general external trend that together with environmental constraints influence SKF's customer to make more with less.

Goal 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure as SKF is affected by, and contributes to, new innovations, technologies and business models that is used in industry and infrastructure across the world.

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production as more and more of SKF's customers see the reduced costs of ownership and business opportunities associated with environmental constraints.

Goal 1 - No poverty as more and more people are moving out out poverty, new markets are created with new business opportunities, new demands and new competition.

If we go down in more specific SKF offerings the connections and contribution differs. This because of SKF's highly diversified business in some 40 industries in 130 counties an all continents. 

A few examples are provided below.

Reliability solutions and condition monitoring

SKF Condition Monitoring_1500

SKF's solutions, which includes everything from customized bearings and seals to technologies within remote diagnostics, maintenance setups, application expertise and other services to increase up-time and productivity can among others contribute to: 

Goal 3 - Health and well-being through improved working conditions and reduced occupational health and safety risks thanks to less unplanned stops and maintenance.
Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth through increased productivity, reduced downtime, improved work environment and reduced maintenance costs.
Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production through increased energy efficiency and reduced use of consumables. When reducing unplanned stops in the food and beverage industry SKF solutions also contribute to reducing food waste in production.

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SKF's solutions for wind and ocean power

SKF mainshaft bearings chosen for Hyosung’s first 5 MW offshore wind turbine image2

In September, SKF launched its new spherical roller bearings for wind turbine main shafts. Manufactured to deliver outstanding reliability, these self-aligning bearings provide exceptional performance and are designed to meet service life needs of more than 25 years. First and foremost this contributes to:

Goal 7 - Affordable and clean energy through the provision of solutions that can make renewable energy more cost efficient and lead to more energy being generated. 

Read more on SKF's offer to ocean energy here and wind energy generation here.

SKF remanufacturing

Nankou railway bearing remanufacturing facility

One of SKF's main business priorities is World-Class manufacturing - and yes, our business is still in mass production of bearings and other products used around rotating equipment. One of the priorities within our Production System is reduced environmental impact, this comes from less energy and emissions, chemical use and increased recycling. Another one is Health and safety.

But increasingly, SKF's revenues comes from services and solutions around rotating equipment, such as remanufacturing and condition monitoring. SKF thus contributes to:

Goal 12 - Sustainable consumption and production through the development of products and services with increased operating life, reduced friction, less energy and lubrication needed, and new ways of providing functionality around circular business models.

Goal 8 - Economic growth and decent work because in a world of increasing automated mass production, remanufacturing and other service oriented business models requires highly skilled maintenance engineers close to customers operations across the world. SKF has remanufactuing capabilities on five continents to serve customer in a wide range of industries.

Goal 13 - Climate action as remanufacturing helps to reduce demand of raw material extraction and refinements - 80% of the embedded emissions from a new bearing is avoided by the remanufacturing of a large size spherical roller bearing.

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