Designs and variants

Y-bearings (insert bearings) are based on sealed deep groove ball bearings in the 62 and 63 series. Y-bearings typically have a sphered (convex) outside surface and an extended inner ring (fig. 1) with different locking devices to enable quick and easy mounting onto the shaft. The various Y-bearing series differ in the way the bearing is locked onto the shaft:
  • with grub (set) screws (fig. 2)
  • with an eccentric locking collar (fig. 3)
  • with SKF ConCentra locking technology (fig. 4)
  • with an adapter sleeve (fig. 5)
  • with an interference fit (fig. 6)
The standard SKF Y-bearing assortment includes application specific variants:
Other variants are available on request. These include Y-bearings with:
  • a cylindrical outer ring
  • a customized design or dimensions
  • a hexagonal or square bore
  • a special cage
  • special grease and special grease quantity
  • a special coating
For additional information about these variants, contact the SKF application engineering service.

Y-bearing units

SKF also supplies a wide variety of Y-bearing units. For additional information, refer to Y-bearing units.
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