Assembling Y-bearings into housings with fitting slots

When mounting a Y-bearing into a housing with fitting slots, the bearing should be inserted into the fitting slot in the housing bore (fig. 1) and then swivelled into position.
When mounting Y-bearings with two lubrication holes in the outer ring and the bearing has to be relubricated, make sure that one of the relubrication holes in the bearing coincides with the relubrication feature in the housing (fig. 2, right). Be sure that the other relubrication hole is not aligned with either of the fitting slots, otherwise grease leakage may result (fig. 2, left).
Eccentric locking collars should be removed from the bearing prior to mounting and reinstalled when the bearing is in position in the housing.
SKF recommends mounting SKF Y-bearings only into SKF Y-housings to avoid a mismatch of components and to enable proper bearing relubrication.
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