Design of bearing arrangements

Location of bearings

The selection of shaft and housing fits for high temperature deep groove ball bearings depends on the bearing operating condition and bearing size. An appropriate fit is needed to locate the shaft, provide satisfactory support, allow for thermal growth and reach the stated maximum operating bearing temperature (table 1).


SKF high temperature bearings should always be hot mounted to reduce the mounting force and the risk of cracking the graphite lubricant. Induction heater is the preferred choice to heat the bearing during mounting.
Submerging the bearing in hot oil is not recommended since the oil remaining in the bearing might carbonize later during operation. Do not use impact mounting methods such as hammer or bearing fitters because the impacts can make the graphite lubricant crack.

Operating environment

Since high temperature bearings are supplied without preservative oils and must be used without grease or oil lubrication, the anti-corrosion property of the bearings is limited. Therefore, the bearings should be used in a dry environment or with a proper sealing arrangement to keep the bearings dry.
The most common sealing alternatives for high temperature deep groove ball bearings incorporate integrated or external shields or labyrinth seals. These arrangements have a rather low complexity and none of these arrangements are capable of keeping the bearing dry in a wet environment.
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