Renewing the grease fill

When renewing the grease fill at the estimated relubrication interval or after a certain number of replenishments, the used grease in the bearing and housing should be completely removed and replaced. The used grease should be disposed of in an environmentally safe and responsible way.
Filling the bearing and housing with grease should be done in accordance with the guidelines provided under Replenishment.
To renew the grease fill, the housing should be accessible and easily opened. The cap of split housings and the covers of non-split housings can usually be removed to expose the bearing. After removing the used grease, fresh grease should first be packed between the rolling elements. Precautions should be taken to prevent contaminants from being introduced into the bearing, housing or grease container. SKF recommends using grease resistant gloves to prevent any allergic skin reactions.
When housings are less accessible, but are provided with grease fittings and escape holes, it is possible to completely renew the grease fill by relubricating several times in close succession until fresh grease is purged from the housing. This procedure requires much more grease than is needed for manual renewal. In addition, this method of renewal has speed limitations. At high speeds, temperatures can increase as a result of grease churning.
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