Bearing data


ISO 7063:2003 and ANSI/ABMA Standard 18.1-1982 (where standardized)

Profile of the outer ring running surface
  • KR .. (B) design
    Radius = 500 mm
  • Other designs
    Improved crowned profile for better load distribution, higher stiffness and reduced wear

For additional
(→ Tolerances)

Normal, except:

  • KR, KRE, KRV designs: ISO 7063:2003
  • diameter of the crowned running surface: 0/–0,05 mm
  • stud shank diameter: h7
  • eccentric collar diameter: h9

Values for Normal tolerance class: ISO 492:2014 (table 1).

Values for ISO tolerance classes h7, h9, h10, h12 and F6: table 2

Internal clearanceBetween C2 and Normal
Values: ISO 5753-1:2009: table 2
Values are valid for unmounted bearings under zero measuring load.
Defect frequencies
Defect frequencies can be calculated using the tools available at SKF Bearing Calculator 
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