Advanced bearing analysis kit - CMAK 600-EN

The advanced bearing analysis kit for industrial oil analysis and vibration tests contains all the necessary equipment and consumables for oil and overall vibration condition monitoring.

The center of the kit is the test cell, providing simple, accurate results for Water in Oil (lubricants) and Total Base Number (TBN). An easy-to-read digital display provides instructions and test results with a five year (10 000 tests) battery life and built-in memory for recording previous test results. The test cell is capable of performing both test parameters in a single cell.

The advanced bearing analysis kit includes:
  • SKF Machine Condition Advisor CMAS 100-SL
  • Test cell (Water in Oil and Total Base Number)
  • Viscostick
  • Test paper: insoluble (qualitative)

Test cell tutorial videos

Click the links below to view video tutorials about using the DIGI test cell, including Total Base Number (TBN) setup, TBN and Water in Oil (EasySHIP).

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