Proximity/Eddy probe systems

Eddy probe system
SKF offers a selection of eddy probe systems, also called proximity probe systems, to ensure the most suitable transducer for machinery protection and monitoring. The simplicity and rugged design of SKF’s eddy probe systems enables them to withstand the temperatures and chemicals typically encountered in the harsh industrial environment.

Eddy probe systems

An eddy probe measures radial or axial shaft motion. It mounts through or to the side of a bearing cap and observes the shaft's movement relative to its mounting position. An eddy probe system comprises a probe, a driver (oscillator demodulator) and an extension cable.

Eddy probe systems have excellent frequency response. They have no lower frequency limit and measure shaft axial position as well as vibration.

While eddy probe systems offer excellent high frequency response, displacement at typical blading and gear mesh frequencies is quite small (you may use an accelerometer to augment the eddy probe system when high frequencies are a concern).

API Standard 670

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has published Standard 670 as an aid to the procurement of standardized non-contacting vibration, axial position and temperature monitoring systems. The standard is based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of petroleum refiners and monitoring system manufacturers.

API Standard 670 is a valuable reference tool for all machinery users and manufacturers, and is highly recommended as a guide for defining, purchasing and installing machinery monitoring systems.

Selecting an eddy probe system

SKF eddy current probe systems are constantly temperature and performance tested in a continuing effort to improve what is already the best probe available for the measurement of vibration in rotating equipment. They are available with armoured and fibreglass sleeving, and may be offered ATEX (Sira)/CSA/FM certified.

SKF also offers a variety of accessories that are available for the eddy probe systems, including probes and drivers, mounting devices, housings, and much more. Reference the Eddy Probe Systems Catalogue for a description of the various accessories available for eddy probe systems.
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