Low temperature, extremely high speed grease

SKF Low Temperature, Extremely High Speed Bearing Grease LGLT 2
SKF LGLT 2 is a fully synthetic oil based grease using lithium soap. Its unique thickener technology and low viscosity oil (PAO) provide excellent lubrication performances at low temperatures
–50 °C (–60 °F) and extremely high speeds (n dm values of 1,6 x 106 can be reached).
  • Low friction torque
  • Quiet running
  • Extremely good oxidation stability and resistance to water

Typical applications:

  • Textile spinning spindles
  • Machine tool spindles
  • Instruments and control equipment
  • Small electric motors used in medical and dental equipment
  • In-line skates
  • Printing cylinders
  • Robots
Available pack sizes
180 g tubeLGLT 2/0.2
0,9 kg canLGLT 2/1
25 kg pailLGLT 2/25
170 kg drumLGLT 2/180
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