Compressor train

REPH 16MW booster Zapadno Tarkosalinskoe
The active magnetic bearings allow an optimized rotor-dynamic behavior of the compressor. More than 1 000 oil-free centrifugal compressors, mainly for natural gas, are equipped with the SKF magnetic bearings technology. The first references have been in operation for over 20 years with maximum reliability. The major onshore and offshore applications are:
  • Gas transportation/boosting
  • Gas storage/reinjection

The magnetic bearings can reach higher peripheral speed and run directly in the process gas. Therefore, they are the ideal technology for simpler, more compact, integrated compressor designs, without dry gas seals. This fast growing market is supported by the major equipment manufacturers and Oil & Gas companies.

Active magnetic bearings have been also successfully associated with dry gas seals in standalone compressors driven by gas turbines or high speed motors. More than 100 HVS (high variable speed) motors driving centrifugal compressors for the oil and gas industry have been equipped with the SKF active magnetic bearing systems. The magnetic bearings are installed both in standalone and integrated e-motor/compressor designs for onshore and offshore applications, including subsea gas compression projects.

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