Rotating nut SLT / TLT


Rotating nut TLT
The main purpose of this solution is to minimize the inertia phenomenon associated with long rotating shafts. The long lead screw shaft is rigidly fixed to the machine frame. The ball nut, rotating inside a bearing housing and driven via a tension belt, moves along the screw shaft. The customers are responsible for the sourcing and the assembly of the electric motor, belt, pulleys and frame holding the bearing housing.

Features and benefits

  • 72 series angular contact bearings are directly mounted on the nut outer diameter
  • Bearings are preloaded in back-to-back arrangement in order to fully support the moment created by the belt tension
  • 2 Nilos rings protect the bearings against pollution and permit lubrication for life
  • Brush wipers are mounted at each end of the nut in the standard configuration for better protection against contamination
  • The ball screw assembly is lubricated through a nipple mounted on the housing external diameter in the standard version
  • Standard grease is SKF LGMT2. Other lubricants are available on request
  • SLT version with axial play
  • TLT version with backlash elimination
  • High rotational speed up to nd0 = 90 000, resulting in high linear speed up to 110 m/min
  • Compact, easy and simple solution to incorporate into application
  • Fixed screw shaft for simplified mounting into application
  • Inertia is considerably reduced; for example, 3.800 kgmm2 instead of 6.000 kgmm2 for a screw shaft 40x40 with 4,5 m stroke
  • Lower motor power requirements resulting from lower system inertia

Technical data

Nominal diameter
from 25 to 50 mm
from 20 to 50 mm
Basic dynamic load capacity
up to 92,9 kN (SLT version)  
up to 51,2 kN (TLT version)
Basic static load capacity
up to 235,1 kN (SLT version)
up to 117,6 kN (TLT version)
Maximum speed n x d0    
up to 90 000

Typical applications

  • Woodworking
  • Machine tool
  • And many other applications

Rotating nut SLT/TLT

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