Profile rail guide tables LTB

Profile rail guide tables LTB
Slides of the LTB range consist of profile rail guides with ball screw drives and covers. The tables show a high performance in terms of guiding accuracy and stiffness. They are available with a wide range of ball screws to match high dynamic with high positioning accuracy. For easy mounting, the top and base are equipped with predefined interfaces.
Slides with -BL suffix use bellows, slides with -SC comprise steel covers.

Features and benefits

  • High load carrying capacity and stiffness across the range
  • Wide variety of drive options allow an optimised solution for several applications
  • Compact design to fit most application envelopes
  • Different covers to accommodate most environmental conditions

Technical data

Guiding principle
profile rail guides
ball screws
110 mm to 400 mm
40 mm to 135 mm
Stroke range
10 mm to 2 615 mm
Side / height accuracy
up to 12 µm per 1 000 mm  
up to 1 m/s
Operating temperature
-20°C to +80°C
different accuracy classes,
standard drive packages,
with bellows or steel cover

Typical applications

  • General machinery
  • Printing and packaging
  • Factory automation
  • Laser machining
  • Measurement devices

Profile rail guide tables LTB

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