PRG with needle roller assemblies
LWRM/LWRV series and LWM/LWV series

Precision rail guide LWM-V
Precision rail guides with needle roller assemblies enable linear guiding systems to be designed for heavy loads and with maximum rigidity. The cages are available in two different materials. LWHV needle roller assemblies (fig. 1) consist of a plastic cage with retained needle rollers. LWHW needle roller assemblies (fig. 2) have aluminium cages with retained needle rollers. To meet all requirements regarding outer dimensions and interchangeability, SKF offers the LWRM/LWRV series, which belongs to the Modular Range, and the LWM/ LWV series. LWM/LWV rail guides are widely-used, especially in the machine tool industry. As the internal geometry is identical for both series and the same needle roller assemblies are used, the load ratings are identical.
For the whole product range, technical data or mounting instructions, please have a look to the Precision rail guide catalogue
Anti-creeping system ACSZ for LWM/LWV series
For precision rail guides with needle roller cages LWHW, SKF offers the anti-creeping system ACSZ. Both rails are equipped with gear racks made of steel, see fig 3. The cage carries two steel control gears that help to ensure the correct cage position.
Technical data
RangeSize 6, 9Size 3015 to 8050
Speed2 m/s 2 m/s
Acceleration100 m/s2100 m/s2
Parallelismdown to 2 µm / 1000 mm rail
Operating temperature
LWHV: -30 to +80 °C 
LWHW: -30 to +120 °C (without wipers)
Dynamic load rating for 10 rolling elements
up to 16300 N *up to 64500 N *
Dynamic load rating for 10 rolling elements
up to 45000 N *up to 195000 N  *

* adjustable to application demands

Typical applications

  • Machining centers
  • Grinding machines
  • Thread rolling machines

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