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Thank you for your trust in SKF products. We aim to provide mechanics with the confidence and technical know-how to service cars with SKF products.

You can find a variety of technical materials below. You can also use our product search/catalogues to locate technical documents related to a specific part, car or OE number.

Please also visit our YouTube channel to view specific installation videos.
If you need more help with installing an SKF product, we would recommend you to contact your closest SKF distributor (locate your distributor here).

If you have problems with an SKF product and would like to report a claim, please contact the customer service center.

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Education and training

The goal of SKF is to offer the European independent aftermarket mechanics (IAM) the technical expertise required to repair all vehicles, including the most recent, in order to strengthen their sales and profitability for the future. On this page you will find a wide variety of SKF trainings, technical trainings and a technical helpline and personalized garage support in response to the dramatic increase in the technical complexity of vehicles, which demands ever rising technical expertise from automotive mechanics.

We offer the following trainings:
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