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Asset Maintenance Management Maintenance Strategy Review

MS 230 E

Asset Maintenance Management Maintenance Strategy Review


The aim of this training is to provide participants the necessary knowledge of the SKF Maintenance Strategy Review Reliability Centred Maintenance methodology.


  • Know how to describe RCM process flow
  • Understand the differences in RCM approach
  • Recognize the importance of data structure and content before you do any kind of strategy work
  • Identify and categorize assets
  • Understand criticality and the FMECA approach in RCM
  • Execute a RCM analysis
  • Connection between Asset Management Support Tool (AMST) and Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Understand how to conduct a task comparison
  • Understand what work packaging is
  • Know the content of a RCM project plan

The course consists of a number of modules, case studies and practical exercises with the AMST software.


  • Course: 3 days
  • Code: MS 230 E
  • Lecture: English
  • Location: Nieuwegein (NL)
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