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Asset Maintenance Management

MS 300 E

Asset Reliability Improvement


  • Increased uptime of production assets is a typical ultimate goal of industrial end-users, such as paper mills, steel mills, etc.
  • This course provides the hands and feet to achieve increased asset reliability and consequent uptime
  • The whole asset maintenance management organization is put into context, including Asset Effi ciency Optimization (AEO) solutions
  • Apart from extensive knowledge, a common case study will be developed to ensure the participant gains implementation abilities to serve industrial end-users improving asset reliability


You will be introduced to Asset Management through a series of modules, allowing a gradual build-up of your knowledge. At the end of each module a case study is presented, this will allow you to apply the gained knowledge under the supervision of our instructors. This is the opportunity to practice innovative maintenance initiatives and to develop a roadmap that is applicable for your company.


  • Course: 4 days
  • Code: MS 300 E
  • Location: Nieuwegein
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