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Vibration Analysis – ISO 18436 certified – Level 1

WI 202 E

Personel wishing to achieve PCN certifi cation in Vibration Analysis Level 1. Enabling qualifi cation to perform single channel machinery vibration measurements according to established procedures established procedures. To obtain the certifi cate, Training Evaluation Examination will be completed at an external Training Centre.


  • Operate portable instrumentation on pre-assigned or preprogrammed routes
  • Acquire readings from permanently installed Instrumentation
  • Input results into a database and download sampling routes from a computer
  • Conducting testing under steady-rate operating conditions
  • Compare overall or single value vibration measurements against pre-established alert settings
  • Verify the integrity of collected data and prevent or control poor data
  • Evaluate and report test results in accordance with instructions, and highlight areas for further investigation


  • Course: 4 days
  • Code: WI 202 E
  • Lecture: English
  • Location: Nieuwegein (NL)
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