Let’s Talk: Big Data

Transforming industry and digital manufacturing

Many manufacturers today are struggling to find ways to turn big data into smart data and create the most value in their manufacturing operations.

Watch the video to see the experts discuss Big Data in Industry.
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Let’s Talk SKF- Big Data in Manufacturing: Transforming the Industry and Operations

Here are the topics covered:

  • Evolution of Big Data in industry 
  • Examples at work today 
  • How engineers are affected 
  • Open or closed data 
  • Predictions for the future
Finding the way can be a tricky issue: open and closed data has strategic implications for a company, so many businesses aren’t even talking about it. For many it’s a security issue, and data-sharing is out of the question.

Watch the Let’s Talk Big Data video film to hear what experts like Chair Professor Johan Stahre from Chalmers University of Technology; Victoria van Camp, Director Technology and Solutions SKF; and Kent Eriksson, Business Development Internet of Things EMEA at PTC have to say.

Find out where industry is heading in this digitalized world.
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