Let’s Talk: Future Materials

Game changers for industry

We are still in the steel age, but digital manufacturing technology like 3D printing will be a game changer for industry. New materials, like polymers, composites, ceramics and other metals are actively being developed, but mostly to be significant complements to steel.

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Let’s Talk Future Materials

Here are the different topics covered:

  1. Status of steel – its current role and new steel research 
  2. Materials technology - why alternative materials are needed, where they’re used, benefits
  3. Industry and academia – closing the gap on collaboration
  4. Game changers for designers – 3D printing, mass-customization, other materials engineering
  5. Sustainability – lifecycle of components, reuse of ceramics 
  6. 5-10 year vision – future of steel, alloys, ceramics, polymers 
  7. Q&A – recycling & refurbishment, reducing weight of steel, bottom-up manufacturing

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