Installation and removal

KM(L), HM(E), HM..T, N and AN series lock nuts have slots around their circumference to accommodate a hook or impact spanner. The designations of the appropriate spanners are listed in the relevant product tables in Lock nuts with a lock washer, locking clip or locking plate. For additional information about spanners, refer to the catalogue SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products or visit Maintenance products.
These nuts can be reused, provided they are not damaged. A new lock washer, locking clip or locking plate should be used each time the corresponding lock nut is installed.

HM(E) and N lock nuts with a locking clip or locking plate

The bolts of the locking clips or locking plates must be secured to prevent them from turning. Locking clips are supplied with a spring-lock washer, which must be placed between the bolt and clip. The wire supplied with the locking plate should be put through the holes in the bolt heads and tightened.
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