Performace classes

SKF Explorer bearings

In response to the ever-demanding performance requirements of modern machinery, SKF developed the SKF Explorer performance class of rolling bearings.
SKF Explorer cylindrical roller bearings realized this substantial improvement in performance by optimizing the internal geometry and surface finish of all contact surfaces, combining the extremely clean and homogenous steel with a unique heat treatment, optimizing the roller end / flange contact area and applying an advanced logarithmic contact profile to the rollers and raceways.
These improvements provide the following benefits:
  • higher dynamic load carrying capacity
  • reduced sensitivity to misalignment
  • improved wear-resistance
  • reduced noise and vibration levels
  • less frictional heat
  • significantly extended bearing service life
SKF Explorer bearings reduce environmental impact by enabling downsizing and reducing both lubricant and energy use. Just as importantly, SKF Explorer bearings can reduce the need for maintenance and contribute to increased productivity.
The designations of SKF Explorer bearings are shown coloured blue in the product table. The bearings retain the designation of earlier standard bearings. However, each bearing and its box are marked with the name “SKF Explorer”.
Some cylindrical roller bearings are available as standard and as SKF Explorer bearings. Those SKF Explorer bearings are identified by the designation suffix PEX.
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