Minimum load

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(→ Requisite minimum load)
Frm = 0,02 C

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The weight of the components supported by the bearing, together with external forces, generally exceed the requisite minimum load. If this is not the case, the bearing must be subjected to an additional radial load.
Equivalent dynamic bearing load

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(→ Equivalent dynamic bearing load)
P = Fr

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Equivalent static bearing load

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(→ Equivalent static bearing load)

P0 = Fr

SKF recommends applying a static safety factor
s0 ≥ 3, i.e. s0 = C0/P0 ≥ 3.


C=basic dynamic load rating [kN] (→ product table)
C0=basic static load rating [kN] (→ product table)
Fr=radial load [kN]
Frm=minimum radial load [kN]
P=equivalent dynamic bearing load [kN]
P0=equivalent static bearing load [kN]
static safety factor
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