Rolling frictional moment

The rolling frictional moment can be calculated using

Mrrφish φrs Grr (ν n)0,6

Mrr =rolling frictional moment
=inlet shear heating reduction factor
φrs =kinematic replenishment/starvation reduction factor
Grr =variable (table 1) depending on:
  • the bearing type
  • the bearing mean diameter dm [mm] = 0,5 (d + D)
  • the radial load Fr [N]
  • the axial load Fa [N]
=rotational speed [r/min]
ν =kinematic viscosity at operating temperature of the oil or the base oil viscosity of the grease [mm2/s]
The formulae provided under the Friction section lead to rather complex calculations. Therefore, SKF strongly recommends calculating the frictional moment using the SKF Bearing Calculator.
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