Sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings 

Superior protection for longer life and less maintenance

In a typically contaminated operating environment, a sealed bearing has a rating life of up to four times that with an open bearing. Pre-lubricated with a specially formulated bearing grease and sealed with highly effective contact seals, sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings deliver long-life, low-maintenance performance for virtually any application.

The seals protect the bearing and lubricant from contaminants that might otherwise cause premature bearing failure (Diagram 1). In many applications, sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings can be considered lubricated for the life of the bearing. By eliminating or extending relubrication intervals, these bearings can significantly cut the cost to purchase, apply and dispose of grease (Diagram 2).

Part of the SKF Three-Barrier Solution

Sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings are a key part of the SKF Three-Barrier Solution. Developed for the harshest industrial operating environments, the three-barrier solution consists of a standard SKF housing, a sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing and labyrinth seals. This cost-effective bundle of products can extend bearing service life without complicated and expensive sealing arrangements.


  • Significantly increased uptime
  • Substantially reduced need for maintenance
  • Reduced grease consumption and disposal cost
  • Less environmental impact
  • Improved worker safety

Operational features

  • Highly effective seals keep lubricants in and contaminants out
  • Self-guiding rollers help to minimize friction
  • Super-clean, heat-treated steel supports long life
  • Guide ring keeps rollers in optimal position
  • Pre-lubricated with specially formulated SKF grease
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