Accessories provide SKF cam followers with reliable lubrication and location (table 1). Accessories, other than grease fittings and hexagonal nuts must be ordered separately.

Grease fittings

SKF supplies the appropriate grease fittings, that can be pressed into position, with each cam follower as standard (table 1). These are the only grease fittings that should be used. Dimensions are listed in table 2.
For KR design cam followers, sizes 16 and 19, the head of the grease fitting protrudes from the head end of the stud by 1,5 mm.

Hexagonal nuts

SKF supplies the appropriate hexagonal nuts with each cam follower as standard (table 1). They are in accordance with ISO 4032:1999 or ISO 8673:1999. These 8.8 strength class nuts are zinc galvanized to ISO 4042:1999. Dimensions and recommended tightening torques are listed in table 3.


The end of the relubrication hole in the stud of KR design cam followers, sizes 16 and 19, except those with the designation suffix PPSKA, can be plugged if relubrication is not required or if there is no space for the head of the grease fitting. Appropriate plugs (table 1) with a VD1 designation must be ordered separately.

Adapters for connecting to a centralized lubrication system

AP design adapters enable cam followers to be relubricated via a centralized lubrication system. These adapters have a connection that accommodates, for example, 4 × 0,75 polyamide tubing in accordance with DIN 73378:1996, as shown in fig. 1, in which:

  1. Connection
  2. O-ring
  3. Adapter connection
  4. Female thread M10x1
  5. Polyamide tube
Appropriate adapters are listed in table 1, the dimensions are listed in table 4.
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